BuildFlow Software


Quality Control = Quality Search Results

BuildFlow Document ID will bring your company's documents to life with a custom document repository that is designed for your building portfolio. Search tags and meta data are added to documents. Search and find what you are looking for with an easy to use interface.

  • Quickly find what you are looking.
  • Active projects and handled the same way as archived projects so you no longer have to worry about archival again.
  • Always know when you are looking at the latest version of a document.
  • Repurpose file storage locations.
  • Documents become an asset for facilities managers and future projects.
  • Active projects and handled the same way as archived projects so you no longer have to worry about archival again.

How It Works

  • We help identify the content that should go into BuildFlow.
  • Location, floor and document type search tags are created based on your portfolio.
  • Scanning is done on or off-site. 
  • Every file is reviewed and organized before it enters the document repository. Duplicates are identified, version control is enforced, and historical drawing and related sets are rebuilt for each project.

Why is BuildFlow Document ID better than the competition and traditional methods? 

It is the people behind the software. Our customer support team is always available to assist.


All of your archived and active documents and files will be reviewed and tagged by document management professionals, not software.


BuildFlow makes it is easy to find what you are looking for.

Who pays and how much does it cost? 

The BuildFlow account owner pays for Document ID.


Document ID is billed based on unit prices and the number of search tags per document. A BuildFlow account specialist will review your estimated volume to calculate the appropriate unit rates.


  • Archived Documents: We survey each location and provide an estimate.
  • Active Documents: Document ID is included in the smart folders of predefined project templates. Document Management fees apply where needed.
How long does it take to scan the archives of a typical building? 

It depends on how many documents need to be scanned and processed. The typical turnaround time is three to four months. If you need particular documents immediately we will scan and send the file upon request.

How do you scan documents that are in poor condition? 

Depending on the condition of the document we will place it in a clear plastic sleeve for scanning. If the document is in bad condition we will take a digital picture of it.

How are documents prepared and removed for scanning? 

We inventory all storage locations including file draws, shelves, etc. Documents are rolled and packaged according to the inventory then placed and sealed in large protective weatherproof bags.

Depending on conditions and future use of storage space we can remove the filing cabinets and store at our facility. Filing cabinets can be disposed of or returned.

What to do with hardcopies after scanning? 

We can return the documents in the same condition when they were removed or destroy and dispose of at our facility.