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BuildFlow offers a series of services to support organizations during the implementation and the complete solution lifecycle. Our Professional Services and Customer Support Teams bring knowledge and experience to help you effectively utilize your BuildFlow solution.


  • We will review, analyze, and advise you in selecting and designing efficient business processes.
  • Provide support in creating business cases and return on investment.
  • Guide the implementation in accordance with industry best practices and market standards.


  • We will fine tune BuildFlow to your specific needs.
  • Customer Support is a valuable asset to your organization and project teams immediately and throughout the project life-cycle.
  • We can join a project at any phase working forward or backwards.


  • While BuildFlow is easy to use and has self-help features, training will help everyone to unlock the full potential of BuildFlow.
  • We can train virtually or on-site. 
  • We offer standard or customized classroom training.

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