Construction Submittal Management 

submittlas.jpgBuildFlow Submittals integrates customer best practices, intelligent software, customer support and reprographics for a complete solution, regardless of project size.

Identifying, receiving and creating submittal packages is tedious. The review process can require numerous people, which creates it’s own quandary. Interactive workflows based on project team roles automates routing and are customizable based on the submission. Submittal delays can have a dramatic effect on project schedules. The interactive log tracks who has the ball in court and action required, which keeps everyone accountable and focused.

How It Works

  • Submittal admin selects specifaction sections and logs required submissions.
  • Submittal admin assigns contractors, review admins and reviewers to routing workflows.
  • Contractors and/or the construction manager upload new submissions.
  • Submittal admin prepares new submissions for review.
  • Review admin is notified when submissions are issued for review.
  • Review admin manages the reviewers, ball in court and action required.
  • Review admin returns reviewed submissions to the submittal admin.
  • Submittal admin returns reviewed submissions to the contractor.


  • Interactive log is updated in real time and can be filtered multiple ways.
  • Routing workflows automate and streamline the review process.
  • Ball in court and action required keeps everyone focused at the right time.
  • Reviews can be performed directly from email notifications.
  • Control user notification frequency to avoid email overload.


  • Submittals works the way the project team does.
  • Always know the current status of all submissions.
  • Locate submittals quickly
  • Reduce review time
  • The interactive log keeps everyone accountable.
  • Scan, print and deliver on demand with same day service
  • Real time customer and team support