Request For Information

RFI Project Management Software

RFI.jpgBuildFlow Request For Information "RFI" integrates customer best practices, intelligent software and customer support for a complete solution regardless of project size.

An RFI needs to route the question to the right people for the answer as quickly as possible. Getting to the answer can require input from multiple people under time constraints. Workflows based on project specification sections and drawing disciplines streamlines routing. The interactive log tracks who has the ball in court and action required, which keeps everyone focused.

How It Works

  • Routing workflows are created based project specifications and drawing disciplines.
  • An RFI is created from the log or project document.
  • The routing workflow sends the RFI to the RFI administrator who can provide or issue the question for answer.
  • The answer administrator manages answer contributors, ball in court and action required to issue the answer back to the RFI administrator.
  • The RFI administrator accepts or rejects the answer. 
  • An accepted answer is distributed to a predefined distribution list and the RFI is closed. 
  • A rejected answer returns the RFI back to the answer administrator and the RFI remains open.


  • Customizable workflows automate routing.
  • Ball in court and action required keep everyone focused.
  • Access and initiate RFI’s directly from project documents.
  • A comments section is included with each RFI for collaboration.
  • The log is updated in real time and can be filtered multiple ways.
  • Control user notification frequency to avoid email overload.


  • RFI works the way the project team does.
  • Locate RFI’s quickly
  • Reduce answer response time
  • Answered RFI’s are automatically distributed
  • The interactive log keeps everyone accountable.
  • Real time customer and team support