Project Management

Project Management Software - Centralize, Organize and Manage Projects

Project-Management.jpgBuildFlow Project Management integrates customer best practices, intelligent software and customer support for a complete solution for archived and active projects across your portfolio.

Your organization and teams will have access to project information across your portfolio from anywhere in a secure environment. We can join the team at any phase working forward or backwards to capture, organize and index project information.

How It Works

  • A new project is created from a predefined project template which keeps information standardized.
  • Project information is captured, organized, indexed and stored from start to finish across all your projects.
  • Archive or remove a project at completion.


  • My Projects: Select only the projects you want to see on your Home screen.
  • Project Groups: Related projects can be grouped together for organization, security and reporting.
  • Project Templates: Project information is compartmentalized into groups and folders based on team roles. Access and Permissions are predefined, which makes security easy to manage.
  • Project List Navigation: Quickly find any project by location, floors, phase, status and more.
  • Security: Users can only see the projects and project information that they access to.


  • It is collaborative environment for all project team members.
  • Unlimited users across project teams including bidders and guests.
  • Manage your projects and projects you are invited to from within your BuildFlow account.
  • Find active or archived projects in any location, building or floor instantly.
  • Archived project information is easily searchable and always available as a resource. 
  • Project data is secure and backed-up.
  • Activity and event tracking keeps everyone accountable. See who has signed into a project from one screen.
  • Real time customer and team support.