Secure & Easy Online Messaging System 

Messaging.jpgBuildFlow Messaging integrates customer best practices, intelligent software and customer support for a complete solution regardless of project size.

Messaging is a private, secure and easy to use messaging system. Messaging will keep everyone involved within a project informed. Notices are generated from company wide templates to ensure uniform messaging across projects. Delivery receipt is tracked, which keeps everyone focused and accountable.

How It Works

  • Select the project
  • Select the notice template and modify if needed.
  • Select the recipients
  • A customized notice is instantly generated for each recipient and sent via email.


  • Industry standard notice templates are provided.
  • Templates can be added and modified based on organizational needs.
  • Save a customized template as a project template for easy retrieval for future messaging.
  • Smart formatting tools to create and modify templates from Microsoft Word.
  • View the last project notice sent to everyone from one screen.
  • Attach files from within BuildFlow or any other location to a notice.


  • Mass distribute invitations to bid with complete accountability and privacy.
  • Know that the project team is always notified when new files are added to a project with memorized distribution list.
  • Ensure uniform messaging across projects.
  • Activity and event tracking keeps everyone accountable and eliminates common excuses like "I did not get it" and "I thought I sent it".
  • Real time customer and team support.