File Hosting


Smart Search

Refine search results with search tags that narrow down choices in real-time to help you quickly find what you are looking for. Generate a Share Link or download the files to share search results. Smart folders automatically apply the correct search tags.

Project Templates

Project Templates are created based on the needs of the project team. Project information is compartmentalized into groups and folders based on projects team roles. Access and Permissions are set within the Project Template, which makes security easy to manage.

Groups: Groups are unique workspaces for related project information within a Project Template. The folder structure and access and permissions are specific to the needs of project team within the group.

Folder Templates: Folder Templates are unique folder structures that are automatically generated to standardize the receipt of specific project information.

Folder Archival

Keep the project team focused and minimize folder navigation by archiving folders when they are no longer needed.

Distribution List

Smart Distribution List remember the last distribution ensuring the right people are always being notified. Unique email addresses can be added for users that do not need specific BuildFlow access.


Our annotation tools are easy to use and collaborative.


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