File Hosting

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is BuildFlow File Hosting better than the competition and traditional methods? 

It is the people behind the software. Our customer support team is always available to assist project team members. We are from the building industry.

You will speak to a live person when you need help.

Who pays and how much does it cost? 

The BuildFlow account owner pays for File Hosting. An individual project invoice is sent each month for active BuildFlow services, which can easily be used for reimbursement.

File Hosting is billed monthly per active project. There is no limit to the number of users, support request, file storage or downloads.

A BuildFlow account specialist will review your estimated volume to calculate the appropriate unit rates.

Are there any file size or storage limitations? 

There are no limits on file size, storage or downloads.

Do Share Links Expire? 

Share Links do not expire.  Share links are dynamic and fixed to the file or folder you are sharing, unless you are sharing from the Master Conformed Set, which is updated and managed by our customer support team.