File Hosting

File Hosting Software for Project Teams

Cloud-Security.jpgBuildFlow File Hosting integrates customer best practices, intelligent software, customer support and reprographics for a complete solution regardless of project size.

Project template folder structures organize and standardize project information across project teams. Uploads and downloads are tracked, keeping project teams accountable. There are no file size or storage restrictions, download links do not expire and files can be delivered in a variety of ways.

How It Works

  • New projects are created from the selected project template which creates the folder structure for the project.
  • Access and permissions are automatically assigned to project team members based on their role, which can be modified by Administrators.
  • Folder creation and file upload is automatically assigned by industry role within the project team.


  • There is no restriction on file size and storage.
  • Download links do not not expire.
  • Distribute files any way you want. Delivery is a click away in digital or hard copy format.
  • Memorized distribution list ensure the correct people are always notified.
  • Uniformity across projects saves time for everyone because people know where to go no matter what project they are working on.
  • Manage your projects and projects you are invited to from within your BuildFlow account.
  • Activity and event tracking keeps everyone accountable and eliminates common excuses like "I did not get it" and "I thought I sent it".
  • Real time customer and team support.