Document Management

Document Management Software for Project Teams

Document-Management.jpgBuildFlow Document Management integrates customer best practices, intelligent software, customer support, and reprographics for archived and active projects across your portfolio.

Our Document Professionals become part of the project team. We review, organize, index, and conform drawing and specification submissions across all your projects. Consistency and accuracy makes the entire project team more efficient. Select project team members can add submissions themselves, so you don’t have to. Memorized distribution lists ensure that the right people are being notified when new submissions are posted.

How It Works

  • We proactively manage the working set of drawings and specifications throughout the life cycle of each project. This process ensures that everyone is working from the latest version, based on the most current drawing index. Any discrepancies are identified and corrected before new submission notifications are sent. Each submission is organized by the issuance type and date in a standardized folder structure.
  • The drawing discipline, number, title, and issue date are added to every drawing file. Updates to existing files are cross-checked and updated based on any changes. Drawings are organized and grouped by discipline as per the table of contents. The division number and CSI code are added to every specification file. Specifications are organized and grouped by book as per the table of contents.
  • Unique document type search tags are automatically assigned to folders when a project is created. When files are added to the folder these search tags are added to the files. File specific search tags, like location and floor, are assigned by our Document Professionals during the Indexing process. Document Search is always fast and accurate.


  1. Breaking down PDF file with multiple drawings into individual files
  2. Rotating files to correct orientation for viewing online
  3. Posting and hosting to
  4. Entering drawing number, title, date, and discipline for each drawing
  5. Replacing old drawings with new drawings to maintain a conformed set
  6. Reaching out to appropriate party if documents are missing


  1. Breaking down PDF file into specific spec sections
  2. Posting and hosting to
  3. Entering CSI division, CSI title from spec section, date. Tagging with spec section and book name
  4. Replacing old spec sections with new spec sections to maintain a conformed set
  5. Reaching out to appropriate party if documents missing


  • Just upload your files and we do the rest.
  • Stop spending time having to decipher and organize project information coming from many different sources.
  • Everyone will be working from current and standardized sets of drawings and specifications across all projects.
  • Distribute files any way you want. Delivery is a click away in digital and hard copy format.
  • Memorized distribution list ensure the correct people are always notified.
  • Manage your projects and projects you are invited to from within your BuildFlow account.
  • Activity and event tracking keeps everyone accountable and eliminates common excuses like "I did not get it" and "I thought I sent it".
  • Real time customer and team support.