Contact Management

Contact Management Software - Centralize, Organize and Manage Contact Information

Contacts.jpgBuildFlow Contact Management integrates customer best practices, intelligent software and customer support for a complete solution for your organization’s contact database that is private and secure. 

Inviting someone to a project is as simple as sending a personalized invitation. Invited users have access to only the projects that they are invited to from within their BuildFlow account. Many of your vendors and customers may already have BuildFlow accounts so they are familiar with the interface. The sign up process is free and simple.

Search, Sort and Select Your Way!

How It Works

  • Your organization’s contacts are entered in bulk or as needed. 
  • Each company is assigned an industry and appropriate search criteria.
  • Sort and filter contacts based on project requirements to narrow down your selection.
  • Add select users from each company as project team members, bidders or guest.
  • Send projects invitations when you are ready.
  • Invited users sign in with their username and password to access projects they are invited to.


  • Create a bidders list and project team based on past project performances in minutes. 
  • Pre-qualify contacts using industry standard and customizable search criteria and past project history.
  • Specify default points of contact for companies to ensure the right people are being notified.
  • Give project team members the right amount of access and control to perform.
  • Buildflow works the way the project team do.
  • Allow a company to manage their own users on a project.
  • Know who has or has not accessed a project from a single screen.
  • BuildFlow tracks user activity for complete accountability.


  • Unlimited storage of companies and users across projects. 
  • Access contact information from anywhere.
  • Instant insight into past project performance.
  • Ensure the right people are being notified.
  • Customizable for your organizational needs.
  • Real time customer and team support.