CloseOut Knows What is Required, When to Request It, and Where to Find It within BuildFlow

CloseOut is an optional module that can be turned on and off as needed on a project. CloseOut integrates customer best practices, intelligent software and customer support for a complete solution regardless of project size.

CloseOut is an integral part of successful project turnover. CloseOut tracks documents across the entire lifecycle of any project regardless of size or complexity.

  • Required CloseOut Items are automatically selected based on a predefined list.
  • Users are notified when items are due at the right time and they know exactly where to put them. 
  • CloseOut works with the Submittals module to identify all of the required submittal types for CloseOut from the Project Specification CSI Codes.
  • All of the project equipment is automatically generated from the Project Specification CSI Codes.
  • Checklist provides a familiar real-time summary report of CloseOut across the project. 

How It Works?

CloseOut Administration 

  1. A BuildFlow CloseOut Professional will work with your organization to create a Master CloseOut Item List.
  2. Responsible Parties and Schedule Milestones will be identified and created.
  3. CloseOut Checklist will be created to summarize like CloseOut Items.

CloseOut on  a Project

  1. The CloseOut Wizard walks the user through CloseOut Item selection and entering Schedule Milestones for the project.
  2. Assign the Responsible Parties and BuildFlow CloseOut goes to work.
  3. CloseOut Items start to appear in a user's Ball In Court based on Schedule Milestones.

CloseOut Checklist Example

CloseOut Checklist.png


Watch a short video on why a good close out is really import