Frequently Asked Questions

Who uses Bidding? 

Bidding is for all project team members, which includes owners, architects, engineers, construction managers, and contractors.

Why is BuildFlow Bidding better than the competition and traditional methods? 

It is the people behind the software. Our customer support team is always available to assist. You will speak to a live person when you need help. We are from the building industry and we know the bid process well.

The interactive bidders list and activity tracking keeps everyone accountable and eliminates excuses.

Who pays and how much does it cost? 

The BuildFlow account owner pays for Bidding. An individual invoice is sent each month for active BuildFlow services, which can easily be used for reimbursement.

The monthly cost is based on the number of projects. There is no limit to the number of projects, bidders, users, storage or customer support.

Bidding is a core service for BuildFlow Standard, Professional and Enterprise plans. A BuildFlow account specialist will review your estimated volume to calculate the appropriate unit rates.

Are my contacts or bidders shared with anyone? 

No, your contact database is private and shared with no one outside of your company.

What can bidders see? 

Bidders only see projects that they are invited to and their respective bid packages. Bidders cannot see the bidders list or any other bidder information.

I receive bid documents from all different sources how can BuildFlow help? 

You can rely on us to  organize, index, and conform bid documents across all the projects you are bidding. Just send us the files in the format you received them in and we do the rest, allowing you to focus on preparing bids, not deciphering files.